Preventing Unnecessary Trips to the ER and Urgent Care

When you have a real relationship with your doctor in a Direct Primary Care practice, this can help minimize unnecessary trips to the emergency room or urgent care center.


Instead of heading straight to the ER when facing a health issue, you can instead pick up the phone and call your personal doctor. (Please note that you should head straight to the ER or call 911 for life threatening medical emergencies). Your doctor can then help guide you on the best approach to your care.

Maybe that means your doctor meets you at the office to see you for a quick appointment. Or that you just need a prescription, which your doctor can call in for you over the phone – eliminating the need for an appointment altogether. Or maybe you really do need the emergency room and your doctor can give you this advice based on the symptoms you are experiencing and his or her knowledge of your medical history.

By empowering this relationship – it eliminates many of the barriers to care that are unfortunately so prevalent in healthcare today.

And not only does this lead to better health outcomes – it also saves you money but not having to deal with the high co-pays, deductibles, and co-insurance that so often accompany a trip to the ER or urgent care center.

This is all part of the relationship we aim to empower between our members and our doctors in a Direct Primary Care setting. If you are a member of the New Jersey State Health Benefits Program(SHBP) or School Employees’ Health Benefits Program (SEHBP) you can sign up for this experience as an add-on benefit.

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