“It’s a great benefit when you have a doctor patient relationship and the doctor really cares.”
– Tesha Michelle Goodson

“Dr. Protter is the doctor I have been looking for my whole life. I feel very comfortable with her and can discuss anything that needs to be discussed. I hope she can be my doctor for the rest of my life.”

“Best decision I have ever made was switching over to Dr. Chandler!”

“Dr Horvitz is FANTASTIC!  I recommend him and this program to everyone at work.”

“Dr. Protter is the best! Very attentive and caring. Extremely knowledgeable. Beyond satisfied as a patient and parent of other patients.”

“I came to R-Health because I needed somebody to care about my health as much as I do. Try it. It will change your life.”

“When I got sick on vacation, my doctor was able to diagnose me and call in a prescription, saving me the hassle and cost of an urgent care visit. I love that I don’t always have to go into the office to have a conversation with my doctor.”