R-Health Announces $4.5 Million in Shared Savings through Care is Primary ACO

R-Health, a leader in innovative healthcare solutions, today announced that its Care is Primary Accountable Care Organization (ACO), has achieved $4.5 million in shared savings under the Medicare Shared Savings Program (MSSP) for 2018. The ACO also achieved a Quality Score of 97%. Care is Primary ACO is the first Medicare ACO in Southeastern Pennsylvania consisting exclusively of smaller, independent primary care practices.

Care is Primary ACO delivers value-based care by partnering with physicians throughout the five counties of Southeastern Pennsylvania to focus on practice transformation, shifting from a volume-based model to a quality-focused approach. The value-based system rewards practices when they achieve a superior patient experience and positive health outcomes.

Primary care has the ability to transform healthcare, delivering better, more personalized care to patients at lower costs. The participating independent practitioners in Care is Primary ACO have demonstrated significant positive savings.

The Care is Primary ACO included 26 practices, 97 high-quality independent providers, and nearly 14,000 Medicare beneficiaries through the MSSP in 2018.

Some of the main cost drivers that contributed to savings in 2018:

  • Hospital admissions per 1,000 (ADK) – down 4.3%
  • ER visits per 1,000 (EDK) – down 2%
  • Skilled nursing facility length of stay (SNF LOS) – down 12%
  • SNF/1,000 – down 12.4%

“We are thrilled with the results that our Care is Primary ACO achieved in 2018,” said Nancy Meisinger, Chief Clinical Operations Officer at R-Health and Executive Director of Care is Primary ACO. “The practices in our ACO worked tirelessly to create value for the MSSP and this is demonstrated with our overall savings and decrease in hospital admissions, ER visits, and skilled nursing stays.”

The unique collaboration fostered by Care is Primary ACO enables the participating independent practices to leverage collective expertise, share best practices, and help each physician deliver superior care to patients.

About R-Health:
R-Health delivers more effective care and a better patient experience – all at a lower cost. We partner with employers, individuals, families, unions, insurance companies and TPAs to offer primary care that’s truly collaborative. This is accomplished through the traditional core values of convenient, personal primary care; our innovative data analytics and patient engagement platforms that streamline care, delivering better outcomes, lower costs and a refreshing patient experience; and the proactive management of chronic conditions. R-Health delivers value-based healthcare two ways, through R-Health Accountable Care, our commercial and Medicare ACOs, and R-Health Direct Primary Care, our innovative membership-based primary care model.  For more information, visit www.R-Health.md.


Mr. J has worked for the State of New Jersey as a maintenance worker for 14 years. He has struggled with substance abuse for many years. The Human Resources department at work informed him that he could see a primary care physician at R-Health as part of his state benefits coverage for no extra charge and no copay. When he met Dr. Jones at R-Health in Ewing, NJ, he was surprised at how she listened to his story and let him speak. He says, “It felt good to have a primary care doctor take an interest in me and spend quality time.” He confided in her that he needed help. But one matter weighed on his mind. He wanted to see his daughter graduate from high school. Dr. Jones went to work and found a substance abuse program to help Mr. J with recovery and also make it possible for him to attend that graduation.

He’s clean, appreciative and grateful. And he’s getting ready to go back to work. Mr. J says that staying on top his health is a priority. “My body is like a car. I have to do the maintenance and make sure I’m taking care of it,” he adds. Now he has a partner in his health care.

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