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R-Health transforms data into knowledge. We use this knowledge to drive smarter, more effective utilization, higher patient satisfaction, and better outcomes.

Our combination of clinical expertise and proprietary technology provides patients with consistent access to their doctor, while achieving significant cost savings for employers through clinically integrated care delivery and innovative data analytics.

The R-Health goal is to deliver the right care, in the right place, at the right time.


HealthyData™, our proprietary clinical intelligence platform, gives the R-Health clinical care team user-friendly access to data and information to make informed healthcare decisions. HealthyData™ takes disparate data sets including clinical, claims, and patient-level information and aggregates this data into one source of actionable information. It draws conclusions about how the data interacts and intersects, maps trends, and works with the care team to incorporate this knowledge into the clinical workflow.


Our digital patient collaboration tool, Spruce, fully closes the loop of unlimited access between our patients and physicians. Spruce integrates patient engagement, telemedicine, care coordination, and more into a modern care delivery continuum.

This HIPAA-compliant app allows for text access, photo uploads, phone visits, and video chats, ensuring that our doctors can deliver the right care, at the right time, in the right setting.


R-Health’s Electronic Medical Record (EMR) has integrated communications features between our doctors and patients including follow-up notifications after each visit, lab results, the ability to send messages to the doctor, text appointment reminders, educational materials (accessible in multiple languages), and more.


R-Health provides robust reporting to help clients understand the impact that Direct Primary Care has on their employees and healthcare spend. This customizable report can include information such as medical spend, ER utilization, medication compliance, admissions, member satisfaction, and more.