How to Meal Prep for the New Year

In this cooking demo, we showed you how you can meal prep for the whole week with just 10 simple and delicious ingredients. With this method of meal prepping ingredients, instead of prepping specific dishes, it allows you to combine the ingredients in many ways to create a variety of easy and healthy meals throughout […]


When the weather is snowy, icy, and downright unpredictable, it’s crucial to keep a few essential emergency supplies in your car. Being prepared will make things easier if you get into a crash, break down, or get stuck in the snow.

Here are 6 items you should have in your car this winter in case of an emergency.

  1. Bag of Sand or Kitty Litter. Sounds odd but keeping a bag of sand or kitty litter in your car can add weight in the trunk to help rear-wheel vehicles gain traction on slippery roads and can actually be poured around your tires if they get stuck in snow, slush, or ice.
  2. First aid kit. Although it’s essential year-round, this is one of the most important things to keep in your car during winter because an emergency vehicle’s response time may be slow if it’s snowing.
  3. Blanket. You can’t always rely on your car’s heater so keeping a few blankets in your trunk if you get stranded or get into a crash will help keep you warm if you aren’t dressed for the elements.
  4. Jumper cables. Cold weather can affect your car’s battery and can turn a weak battery into a dead battery overnight. By having jumper cables in your trunk, it is easier to find a passing driver that could give your car a jump start.
  5. Flashlight. It gets dark early in the winter. If you stall or get stranded at night, use the flashlight to signal passing vehicles, look around in the trunk after dark, or if you need to walk to get assistance at night.
  6. Portable phone charger/battery. You will need your phone to call for assistance if you are stuck or involved in a car crash. Keep a car charger in your vehicle, but also have a portable charger/battery handy that will charge your phone regardless if your car starts or not.