3 Reasons to Join a Direct Primary Care Practice

There are many, many reasons to join a Direct Primary Care practice, but let me boil down the top three that I believe are the most impactful.

  1. It’s amazingly convenient. From my perspective as a busy working mother, I love that there are same-day and next-day appointments, evening and weekend hours, and truly little to no time in the waiting room. In fact, we have non-waiting rooms! I also love that there is the ability to text, e-mail, and call the doctor, so you don’t always to see the doctor via an in person appointment.
  1. It’s personal. Every single members gets their very own personal physician. You get their personal phone number. You get their e-mail. You get to see the same doctor every time. You get a doctor who actually gets to know you. You get to build a relationship with your doctor. These things matter.
  1. It’s full service. Primary care doctors can actually take care of about 80 to 90% of your healthcare needs. Most just aren’t set up to do that right now. You’ll get your personal doctor, access to health coaching, care coordination, and much more.

Interested in this approach? If you have a NJ SHBP or SEHBP health plan, you may qualify for R-Health at no co-pays or extra costs.

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