CEO Mason Reiner Named to Who’s Who in Healthcare in Philadelphia

Philly Biz recently named R-Health CEO Mason Reiner among the Who’s Who in Healthcare in the Philadelphia area. As Philly Biz noted, “Philadelphia has long maintained a reputation as a premier provider of top medical care. This month, we shine a spotlight on the nurses, doctors, administrators, researchers and more who are the driving force behind enhancing the scope of medicine and improving care for those who live and work here.”

And in describing Mason’s contributions to healthcare in Philly, they stated:

Mason Reiner, co-founder and CEO, R-Health
R-Health is a leader in innovative health care solutions that is dedicated to delivering more effective primary care and a better patient experience, while reducing the overall cost of health care. Reiner is a founding member of the Steering Committee of the National Direct Primary Care Coalition, the leading industry organization advancing the direct primary care model around the country, and is a sought-after speaker on various aspects of the direct primary care model.

What drew you to the health care field?
A large, fragmented industry that is going through a tremendous amount of change, and where you can make a major positive impact on people’s lives, is an entrepreneur’s dream.

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