Co-Founder & Chief Medical Officer

What do you do at R-Health?

Traditionally, the chief medical officer leads the team of medical advisers and healthcare professionals. With R-Health, we have high-functioning, independent clinicians.  They don’t need to be led as much as supported. I help make sure that the corporate decisions being made align with a fantastic care experience.

What’s your biggest accomplishment at R-Health?

Helping R-Health to realize its mission by establishing its experience-centered team.

What’s your pet peeve with traditional healthcare?

The traditional, legacy healthcare systems response to a problem which is to overlay a “solution.” There are already too many square pegs that are trying to be placed into round holes. At R-Health, we are fundamentally reshaping healthcare to deliver the experience our members deserve at the outset.

What did you do before R-Health?

As a physician, I worked hard to deliver stellar healthcare and patient comfort in a successful, high-volume practice that I built, in partnership with others, from the ground up.

What do you do when you’re not delighting R-Health members?

I enjoy cooking, reading, and 3 AM Netflix binges. However, spending time with my wife and four children brings me the most joy.  And ah, yes, I have a 330 page medical thriller manuscript sitting on my laptop waiting for a final edit, which replaces my Netflix binges for a couple of months. Books 2 and 3 are still percolating.