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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible?

New Jersey health plans that are eligible to join an R-Health practice at no cost include:

  • CWA Unity DIRECT
  • NJ Educators Health Plan

Unfortunately, New Jersey members with HMO plans or High Deductible Health Plans are not currently eligible to join an R-Health practice. Additionally, Medicare retirees and their dependents are also not eligible to join.

How much does it cost?

There is no additional cost to you to claim your spot with a personal R-Health doctor. Access to R-Health is included as part of the New Jersey State Health Benefits Program (SHBP) and School Employee’s Health Benefits Program (SEHBP). There are no co-pays, out-of pocket costs, and no hidden fees. Just great care from your personal doctor, on demand.

What services are included?

  • Preventive care
  • Urgent care
  • Sick care
  • Health and wellness coaching
  • Chronic disease management
  • Care coordination
  • Longer office visits
  • Onsite labs
  • Onsite immunizations
  • Onsite dispensing of medications for acute conditions
  • Women’s health
  • Pediatrics

How does this affect my health insurance?

There is no impact on your health insurance, which is still there to protect you for any unexpected medical concerns. By joining an R-Health doctor’s office as a free addition to your plan, you’ll also enjoy the very best, most convenient care with your personal R-Health doctor.

Do I have to change my insurance?

No, this is not a change in your insurance. It does not impact your insurance at all. It is simply an add-on benefit for personalized primary care. However, R-Health is not available with the HMO or high deductible health plans and also is not offered to Medicare retirees.

What happens if I need to see a specialist or go to the hospital?

This is where your insurance kicks in. But your personal R-Health doctor will help guide you to the best specialists and in-network hospitals for your particular situation.

Can I only sign up during Open Enrollment?

No, you can join at anytime during the year, not just open enrollment.

I don’t need a doctor today, why should I join now?

Illnesses and injuries often happen after our office is closed and on the weekends. When this happens, we can care for you virtually via our secure mobile app or a phone call with your personal R-Health doctor. We also focus on prevention and health education. So join and make an appointment so we can provide you with the very best care.

How does R-Health work with NJWELL?

R-Health has partnered with NJWELL to help you earn your NJWELL Reward faster. Simply follow these 3 steps:

  • Complete a health assessment through your health plan’s online portal
  • Complete a comprehensive physical examination and at least one follow up appointment with your personal R-Health doctor or complete two virtual visits (with one focused on prevention and wellness)
  • Complete all of the above between November 1 and October 31

How is R-Health different from Urgent Care?

While you may use your R-Health doctor as back-up if your primary care doctor is unavailable, there are a few key differences between R-Health and Urgent Care:

  • You have to be an existing patient of an R-Health doctor or new member to schedule an appointment.
  • There is continuity of care. You will have the same R-Health doctor every visit who already knows your medical history and background.
  • It’s easy and convenient – there is little wait time, longer appointments, and even virtual access via our mobile app.

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