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Have Fun in the Sun

It’s that time of year when school is let out, there are celebrations galore, and vacations are planned. One of the best parts of summer is the ability to spend more time outdoors.. June celebrates National Great Outdoors Month.  Exploring the great outdoors is not only a great learning experience where you can discover different […]

A Focus on Men’s Health

June marks Men’s Health Month, a time specifically geared towards encouraging men to take control of their health outcomes by staying aware of preventable health problems, while taking initiative to seek medical advice and treatments for injuries and/or disease. Men’s health is very important, not only for the individual, but for the lives of the […]

Turn the Safety On

Whether you’re grilling, or off basking in the sun, safety is always important. Through leadership, research, education, and advocacy, the National Safety Council Mission (NSC) has been at the forefront for promoting safety at home, work, and the road, especially during the month of June, which is recognized as National Safety Month. Staying safe is […]

Craving NO More Tobacco

May 31st.  It marks the end of May, and it also observes World No Tobacco Day. There are many risks associated with tobacco use, and this day aims to highlight not only the threat it poses to one’s health, but also the effective strategies to limit tobacco consumption. MedicinePlus broke down the numerous dangers related […]

Healthy Grilling, Healthy Livin’

Welcome back, Grilling Season! We’ve missed you. Whether you’ve been hiking, biking, or any of our suggested activities last week, we’re sure you’re excited to take a quick break and pick up a spatula. This time of year is abundant for cookouts and barbecues, but we want to make sure when you step behind that […]

The Battle of Arthritis

There’s an old myth that’s gone for decades about joint pain and weather predictability. Does pain in your knee or ankle really mean a storm is soon approaching? While there’s no scientific evidence of this, there have been links between seasonal change and arthritic pain. Arthritis is a way of referring to joint pain or […]

The A-Team: Allergies and Asthma

April showers bring May flowers…and allergies…and asthma. The latter part is often left out of the rhyme, however, you can’t overlook its importance, especially during Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month. Since World Asthma Day is on May 2nd, we thought now would be the best time to discuss the connections between asthma and allergies, while […]

Break Up with Stress

April marks the beginning of a time filled with transition and activity. With so much happening this time of year, it can be very stressful for some, and it’s important we recognize this early. With the start of a new quarter, the countdowns towards the end of the school year, and even the segue into […]

Be Responsible, Be Safe, Be Aware

April is Alcohol Awareness Month, a time to spread awareness about alcohol, alcoholism, and recovery. This month and movement not only serves as general awareness, but an opportunity for individuals to seek counsel and treatment with no judgment. Awareness has grown so much that the National Institution of Health started National Alcohol Screening Day, which […]

No Time, No Problem

While we continue this month’s focus on nutrition, this week’s theme is exercise. Similarly to breakfast, one of the common associations with exercising is time…or lack thereof. Something we either hear, or even say to ourselves is, “I just don’t have the time to exercise.” In hindsight that may seem like the case, but in […]