Amber van Niekerk

Assistant Vice President, Marketing & Engagement

What do you do at R-Health?

I lead the R-Health Marketing & Member Experience team. I develop the strategy and impactful messaging that resonates with members and programs that makes them want to talk about their amazing experience. Ever been to an R-Health event? You’ve probably heard me speak passionately about what makes the R-Health experience so special.

What’s your biggest accomplishment at R-Health?

Early on, we decided to make customer service, or what we call Member Experience, a core value of the company. We remind our team daily that healthcare is a human experience and we want it to be one that is memorable as we help to keep our members healthy (and happy).

What’s your pet peeve with traditional healthcare?

We have forgotten that healthcare should be focused on the human experience. Traditional healthcare is transactional, not relationship-based. We’re changing that at R-Health by re-focusing on the doctor-patient relationship and making that the center of our patients’ experience.

What did you do before R-Health?

I helped many different companies develop their marketing and communications strategies with Grimm & Grove Communications, Pennsylvania Bio, and Innovation Philadelphia.

What do you do when you’re not delighting members?

I can usually be found running between my kids’ many activities such as Girl Scouts, soccer, gymnastics, softball, and piano. Whew, that’s a lot. And in my downtime, I love to read a good book.